Why Work With Us

There are many reasons for providing your organisation with mindfulness and resilience programmes. Here are the most frequent benefits we hear from our clients.


  • Maximised employee engagement
  • Less stress and tension throughout the team
  • Higher energy levels, due to the ability to switch off and recharge
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Enhanced feelings of calmness and balance
  • Thriving under pressure


  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Being ‘On Trend’ – seen as employer of choice
  • Improvement of bottom line due to enhanced efficiency
  • Less distraction and time wasting
  • Creative and strategic thinking is enhanced – finding better solutions to problems
  • Ability to make rapid and effective decisions under pressure

Our Story

After nearly a decade of consulting to thousands of business professionals world-wide on the topics of leadership, pitch consulting and key account management, Om Phoenix Founder, Jane Atherton noticed patterns of behaviour that showed up cross-industry and internationally.

  1. Exceptional performers often had a certain mindset or attitude. They were not necessarily the most experienced in the team, but they were focused, determined and passionate. And these things could be taught.
  2. Average or low performers were usually lacking in similar attributes; engagement, self-belief and connection to the purpose of the organisation.
  3. Apart from the exceptional few, none were deeply fulfilled, contented or joyful. Even the ‘successful’ ones.
  4. Most professional development offered by organisations is based on technical or ‘soft’ communication skills. Neither assist with the above.

Om Phoenix has been created to assist people in the corporate world to experience engagement, fulfillment and joy in their work; to bring focus, passion and determination, not because they have to, but because they are naturally motivated to; to believe in themselves, to give of their best, and to experience huge work-life satisfaction in addition to measureable success for themselves and their organisations.

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Since 2007 Jane developed a deep affinity with Eastern philosophies of meditation and mindfulness and began studying a variety of modalities with internationally renowned meditation teachers. Her personal life became richer, but as her focus on the value of emotional wellbeing increased, her corporate life began to feel stale.

In 2014, her career stalled for several months due to lack of engagement and meaning as an employee. This was a turning point for Jane, when she was inspired to bring her new skills add emotional enrichment into her work life. She applied resilience techniques and a disciplined daily meditation practice and both her professional and personal life reignited in a profound and palpable way.

The level of contentment, success and fulfilment she attained drove the desire to assist others to achieve the same empowering shifts in their professional lives. Jane launched Om Phoenix with a team of like-minded, credible industry collaborators to share the techniques which had provided fulfilment and genuine success and happiness in work life and beyond.

Our mission is to play our part lifting the business world out of the expectation of stress and disengagement. To encourage people towards the experience of superior performance through balance, enthusiasm and purpose. This process is liberating and transformational. We look forward to connecting with you.

Jane Atherton - Director

Founder and Director, Jane’s passion is inspiring and coaching her clients to create grounded organisational transformation, motivated by employee wellness.

With over fourteen years experience, Jane has inspired thousands of corporate professionals looking to achieve their potential in the areas of business development, leadership, and mental resilience.

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An experienced coach, facilitator and speaker, Jane worked for the London, Sydney and New York offices of a global leadership and learning consultancy, leading and managing client engagements up to $1,000,000 USD.

What makes Jane highly sought after is her unique ability to weave the worlds of business practicality with mindfulness and well-being techniques. This transforms her clients to be more balanced, happy and fulfilled, driving increased levels of productivity and engagement.

Jane has consulted within the financial services, technology, media, publishing, professional services, pharmaceutical, construction, insurance and fintech sectors for Corporations such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, MediaCom, JP Morgan, OMD, Tarmac, News Ltd, Visa Pty, McCann and HSBC.

Om Phoenix operates within an impressive network of global associate consultants and facilitators.

We have specialists in the areas of:


  • Leadership Strategy
  • Culture Transformation
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Advanced Mindfulness and Resilience
  • Mindful Business Development: having integrity whilst closing the deal
  • Compassionate Leadership


Depending on your business requirements we select the appropriate consultant(s) to attend client meetings from the early diagnosis stage to ensure chemistry and business understanding.


Our Purpose

Raising the consciousness of the business world

Our Mission

Igniting drive, enthusiasm and fulfilment in our clients, through mindful leadership and culture transformation.

Our Values

Be Inspired

We come from a higher place.

Open-minded, open-hearted and receptive to change.


Always devoted to honouring clients, we love enabling participants to flourish – thrive and grow rapidly – before our eyes.

Trail Blaze

The courage to be authentic. Pioneering new paradigms of how business is done.

Result Led

Achieving more, liberating clients from what keeps them small.

Global Awakening

Raising vibrations, one individual at a time.